DTx Europe: Berlin Agenda

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  • Conference Day 1 - December 6th
  • Conference Day 2 - December 7th
Conference Day 1 - December 6th
8:00am CET

Registration, Breakfast & Networking

9:00am CET

Chair’s Opening Remarks 

Hakim Yadi, Chief Executive Officer, Closed Loop Medicine Ltd

9:10am CET

Keynote Panel: Updates and Predictions On Europe’s Reimbursement Landscape

During this panel discussion 3 ministries of health will discuss the changing reimbursement landscape in Europe, with a focus on the impact of the DiGA scheme and PECAN on the DTx Industry. This panel will also explore what the future of reimbursement for DTx will look like, and the possibility for regulatory harmonization. 

  • How has the reimbursement landscape in Europe changed over the last couple of years? In particular, how has the DiGA scheme and the PECAN scheme propelled the DTx Industry? 
  • How do you determine regulatory requirements in your country for digital therapeutics?
  • Is there a route to regulatory harmonization across EU member states? What does this route look like, and how do you anticipate the regulatory landscape looking in a years time/ a few years time/ a decade?
  • What are the barriers to regulatory harmonization?
  • How can we strive towards a harmonization in evidence requirements? Is there a chance evidence requirements could become trans-european?

Moderator: Alexandre Capet, Strategy & Operations, MindMaze 

Tobias Möllers, Deputy Head of the Unit for Digital Health and Nursing Applications, The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices
Tamir Singer,
Head of Tech Business Development, NHS England
Vincent Vercamer,
Project Director – Ministerial Delegation for eHealth,
French Ministry of Health

10:00am CET

Presentation: Updates on the DiGA Scheme

This fireside chat will dive deeper into the DiGA scheme, providing an update of the scheme from the German Ministry of Health. 

  • What business models does the DiGA scheme support? Which Digital Therapeutic Companies may struggle with being reimbursed via DiGA and why? 
  • How can DiGA help propel the DTx industry further, in turn providing more prescriptions to patients in need?
  • Can the DiGA scheme support holistic models of care? 
  • What has been the impact of DiGA on patient outcomes?

Lars Hunze, Policy Advisor,  German Ministry of Health

10:25am CET

Presentation: HaaS (Healthcare as a Service) 

  • What is HaaS?
  • DTx and Total Care Ecosystem as elements to realize HaaS
  • How can we establish Total Care Ecosystem in Japan?

Yohei Hashimoto, Technical Lead  The Daiichi Sankyo Group

10:50am CET

Morning Refreshments & Networking 

11:20am CET

Updates and Insights into the French PECAN Scheme

Vincent Vercamer, Project Director – Ministerial Delegation for eHealth, French Ministry of Health

11:45am CET

Panel Discussion: Striving Towards Harmonisation for Clinical Evidence 

Differences in evidence requirements across different EU countries, with these goalposts constantly changing, make scaling for DTx companies an extremely difficult and costly task. How are DTx companies innovating and strategizing around the disparities in clinical evidence, and how can we as an industry strive towards evidence harmonization?

  • How can we strive towards aligned evidence requirements?
  • Are there ways we can leverage RCT, what are the constraints with this and are there alternatives?
  • How are companies innovating around current regulatory constraints to scale their DTx product?

Moderator: Simon Spahrkäs, Head of Research, Tired of Cancer

Louisa Stüwe, Project Director, Digital Health Delegation, French Ministry of Health
François Vonthron,
Co-founder and CEO, Poppins (formerly Mila)
Kathrin Pfeiffer, Head of Market Access, Sympatient 
Ravi Kumar,
Founder & CEO, CyberLiver
Anne Østersko,
 Chief Scientific Officer, Hedia


Panel Discussion: Potential for Collaboration between Pharma and DTx

This panel will explore the crucial stakeholder group in the DTx industry – pharma. This session will explore the opportunities that collaboration between DTx and Pharma could bring, the current pharma outlook, and encourage discussion of how best the two industries can work together.

  • How are pharma looking at the DTx industry at the moment? Where are the largest opportunities for collaboration?
  • How can we enhance the relationship between pharma and DTx? 
  • How can we ameliorate the hesitations pharma have in investing in this therapeutic area? 
  • Where are pharma looking within DTx at the moment and what more they need to see from the industry? What evidence are pharma looking for from the DTx industry to encourage them to invest here? 

Moderator: Tamir Singer, Head of Tech Business Development, NHS England

Victor Barzey, Product Lead, Digital Healthcare, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies
Michael Heinke, Vice President, Head of Integrated Care / Global Digital Health and G4A Partnership Ecosystem, Bayer

12:55pm CET

Lunch & Networking 

2:10pm CET

Roundtable Workshop: Bringing Dialogue to the Investment Landscape for DTx

This session will encourage dialogue between Venture Capitalists and DTx Companies. During this session, 3 Venture Capitalists per room will outline their present concerns with investing in Digital Therapeutics during a 15 minute presentation. Following this, the audience will strategize together in smaller round table groups for 15 minutes, finishing up with a group discussion for the remaining 15 minutes. 

Moderator: Hakim Yadi, Chief Executive Officer, Closed Loop Medicine Ltd

Masashi Kiyomine, Founder & Managing Partner, Kicker Ventures
Erki Mölder, Managing Partner, Verge HealthTech Fund

2:55pm CET

Presentation: Alternatives to DiGA

In this session, Co-founder of Mika Gandolf Finke will dive into Mika’s decision to withdraw from their DiGA application, and will highlight the various alternatives to DiGA which might be a better fit for certain DTx companies.

Gandolf Finke, Co-founder and Managing Director, Mika

3:20pm CET

Panel Discussion: Go-to Market Strategies for Scaling 

This panel discussion will discuss the different strategies that DTx Companies can take to go to market, and will examine how partnerships with Pharma or other DTx Companies could lead to commercial success across Europe and the world.

  • How are Pharma becoming more involved with DTx? What commercial issues still persist for DTx companies partnering with Pharma who wish to scale their products across Europe?
  • Could co-marketing and partnering with other DTx companies be an option? What could these partnerships look like?
    How can DTx companies learn from the downfall of Pear Therapeutics, and be cautious with taking their DTx product to market?

Moderator:  Ariel Dora Stern, Poronui Associate Professor of Business Administration in the Technology and Operations Management Unit, Harvard Business School

Jens Noertershaeuser, Founder and Co-CEO, Kranus Health 
Christian Angern, Co-founder & Managing Director, Sympatient 
Dennis Hermann, Head of Europe, Kaia Health

4:00pm CET

Afternoon Refreshments & Networking 

4:30pm CET

Fireside Chat: Health Check on ‘Femtech’

During this fireside chat, two femtech entrepreneurs will discuss the changing femtech landscape in Europe and beyond, before focusing on DTx applications. In this health check, they will do a retrospective on the original promise behind femtech, reflect on current obstacles and share insights on what’s coming.

  • What is the business case for women’s health?
  • How are emerging technologies improving health outcomes for women?
  •  Is the term ‘femtech’ helping or hurting us?
  • What does the investment landscape look like for women’s health companies?
  • How to approach payers and partners as a women’s health DTx?

Moderator: Ariel Dora Stern, Poronui Associate Professor of Business Administration in the Technology and Operations Management Unit, Harvard Business School

Emanuela Kufa, Co-founder & Lead for the UK, Prosoma 
Daphne Petrich, Business Development Lead,  HelloGina, HelloBetter

5:00pm CET

Panel Discussion: What Does it Mean to be a Patient and Clinician-Focused Digital Therapeutic Company? 

  • What does it mean to be patient and clinician-focused? What are the tactics to this?
  • What impressive innovations are being shown in personalized care? What is the economic value in providing personalized care? 
  • How can patient and clinician feedback be collected and fed back into the development of digital therapeutic products? Which companies are showing success in this?
  • How can we quantify patient and clinician experience? What measurements aka QOL must we integrate into measuring Digital Therapeutic outcomes?
  • What is your approach to patients who don’t respond to DTx?
  • How important is communication between patients and their clinicians for increased engagement and positive outcomes? 

Moderator: Megan Simpson, Chief Commercial Officer, Tired of Cancer

Jorge Palacios, Chief Science Officer, Bright Therapeutics 
Adham Kassab, Chief Executive Officer, Selfapy 
Edouard Gasser,
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tilak Healthcare
Saemunder Oddsson, Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Sidekick Health

5:40pm CET

Chair’s Closing Remarks

Hakim Yadi, Chief Executive Officer, Closed Loop Medicine Ltd

5:45pm CET

DTx Europe Berlin: Drinks Reception 

Continue the conversation at the DTx drinks reception!

Conference Day 2 - December 7th
8:00am CET

Registration, Breakfast & Networking 

9:00am CET

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Jorge Palacios, Chief Science Officer, Bright Therapeutics 

Provider Adoption

This section will hone in on healthcare systems experience with prescribing Digital Therapeutics. Looking at the broader picture on how DTx can tackle the largest problems for the industry as well as looking at how physicians themselves are approaching the use of DTx.

9:10am CET

Fireside Chat: Clinical Adoption of Digital Therapeutics – Insights from the Prescribing Physicians

During this session, 2 physicians will share their experience with prescribing Digital Therapeutics to patients. 

  • What is your experience with prescribing digital therapeutics to your patients?
  • What is the simplest way of prescribing digital within a clinical workflow that they’ve seen? 
  • In diseases where patients need both drug and behavioral therapy how will they be prescribed?

Moderator: Jorge Palacios, Chief Science Officer, Bright Therapeutics 

David O. Arnar, Chief of Cardiology, Landspitali – The National University Hospital in Iceland
Laura Wiemer,
Senior Medical Director and Urologist, Kranus Health GmbH

9:45am CET

Presentation: Using Digital Therapeutics as a Tool in the Pathway for Oncology Patients

Oliver Schmalz, Chief Physician of the Clinic for Haematology, Oncology, Clinical Infectiology and Palliative Medicine & Head of the Oncology Centre,Helios University Hospital Wupperta

10:10am CET

Panel Discussion: The Digital Transformation Journey: What’s Needed For The Road Ahead? Experiences from Pioneering Countries In The Adoption of Digital Mental Health solutions

  • How have pioneering countries experienced the digital transformation required to scale digital mental health solutions?
  • Why does adoption not guarantee sustainability and scale?
  • What are the necessary strategic factors that lead to sustainable and scalable implementation of digital mental health solutions in different geographies?
  • What policy & practice recommendations can be drawn from experience on successfully implementing digital mental health solutions?

Moderator: Derek Richards, Head of Research, Amwell

Angel Enrique, 
Senior Digital Health Scientist, Amwell
Daniel Duffy, Senior Digital Health Scientist, Amwell

10:45am CET

Morning Refreshments & Networking 

Building Sustainability and Rejuvenating the DTx Industry  

This final section will look at how we build sustainability in the Digital Therapeutics Industry. How we can align industry stakeholders to understand how we can rejuvenate the DTx industry.

11:30am CET

Panel Discussion: How Can We Give DTx the Best Chance of Success? 

This session will focus on recent innovations in the industry that in combination with DTx could help improve patient outcomes. 

  • How can we use personalized care and pre-treatment screening to determine what care will provide the most success to the patient? In what therapeutic areas could this have the most impact? 
  • How can integrated care, including virtual care help improve the value of a DTx product?
  • As we combine more approaches with DTx, how can we determine which part of the package is adding the most value?
  • Which other innovations could increase DTx’s success in the future? Where do you see the future of DTx?
  • Generative AI – what are DTx companies testing for at the moment and what therapeutic areas could generative AI show the most improvement for? 

Moderator: Andrew Gallagher, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Filter

Jonas Albert, Managing Consultant, Digital Health, _fbeta GmbH
David Nydegger, Chief Product Officer, Oviva 
Kim Baden-Kristensen, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Brain+ 
John Drakenberg, Founder and CEO, Alex Therapeutics

12:10pm CET

Panel Discussion: Staying Pragmatic and Positive – Building Sustainability for the DTx Industry

The past year has been an interesting and challenging time for the DTx Industry. With the dissolving of Pear Therapeutics, the end of the Public Health Emergency, and investor hesitancy, for some there is an aspect of anxiety for the industry. How can all stakeholders work together, be pragmatic and positive to ensure a Sustainable Growth for the DTx Industry

  • How can the DTx Industry streamline itself and mature?
  • What 2 call to actions would each panelist give to the audience?
  • What alignments need to be made in the industry to help us all move together and strive towards larger markets?
  • How can we distinguish specific mistakes made by DTx companies from problems with the general market aka the Tech market crash. 

Michelle Olschewski, Chief Operating Officer, Vivira Health Lab
Alexander Braden, Co-founder and Managing Director, Elona Health 
Alex Naoumidis,
Co-founder and Co-CEO, Mindset Health
John Drakenberg,
 Co-founder and CEO, Alex Therapeutics

12:50pm CET

Chair’s Closing Remarks 

Jorge Palacios, Chief Science Officer, Bright Therapeutics 

12:30pm CET

Close of DTx Europe: Berlin 2023